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California Child Visitation Lawyer
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The amount of time the non-custodial parent gets to spend with the child is known as child visitation. In California county, child visitation is based on the parenting schedule and is outlined in the parenting plan that the parents have agreed to or that the California court orders.

If parents are able to put together their own parenting plan it can be signed off on by both parents, submitted to the court, and then it becomes a court order when the California family court judge signs it. If parents can't agree, the judge usually orders the parents to meet with California Family Court Services, FCS, and a court appointed mediator, sometimes called a facilatator, to create a parenting plan.

Child visitation schedules are very detailed and contain the times to pick up and drop off the child and even the windows that each side must wait for pick ups and drop offs. It contains not only the regular visitation dates and times such as 'every other weekend', but also the amount of time the non-custodial parent gets on holidays and special days like birthdays.

Sometimes a judge will order that a supervisor or monitor be present during child visitation times to observe a parent's behavior and take notes that can be used to prepare a report for the court.

What's important is to establish that you are a responsible parent who is able to handle the parenting responsibilities assigned to you. Just to keep the child visitation time you are awarded, you will need to show consistant, appropriate, and responsible parental behavior. If you are required to pay child support you will need to make sure you pay it and keep adequate records of each payment.

If you are trying to get more child visitation time you may have to show that you go above and beyond what you are asked to do. You may also have to go to California family court to show where the other parent is failing to keep up their end of the bargain. All in all you need to maintain regular and thorough records so you are able to prove your child visitation and custody case and defend yourself at any time. You can bet that over the course of 18 years that your child custody and child visitation rights will be challenged or that you will want to challenge the child custody and child visitation rights of the other parent. The California child visitation lawyers and California child custody lawyers at are here to help you when it comes time to determine, defend, or challenge your child custody and child visitation rights.

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