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From the time a paternity or custody case is filed until the time of a custody trial a year or more may have easily come and gone. During that time all manner of things may have taken place. All sorts of motions (such as those to strike, quash, or continue to another date), DNA testing, FCS interviews, Court appointed Mediation, Hearings on disputes (such as the child's first and last name), hearings on child support, hearings on who the parents are (biological or otherwise), hearings on temporary visitation, hearings on custody, etc. From the time a case is filed the system begins to nibble away at the outstanding issues so that by the time a custody trial date finally comes around most things are pretty much decided and the judge probably already has a pretty good idea on how he's going to rule.

Best Custody Lawyer will work aggressively to tie up all the loose ends and try to get all parties to agree to a final settlement to avoid a trial on the unresolved issues. However, sometimes a trial is ordered, necessary, or unavoidable and creates an opportunity to present or re-present facts and evidence on one or more of the unresolved issues.

The attorneys at Best Custody Lawyer have done dozens of trials and their strength at trial may give you the edge you need to win big on certain custody issues like visitation and support. You may need to go to trial to prove for example that a parent is hiding income or prove that a parent is unfit. Best Custody Lawyer is the best at custody trials. Best Custody Lawyer lawyers will be ready and will be fully prepared to represent you for a custody trial.

You will get Best Prices + Best Results.

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