This part usually hurts a little. We are going to want to hear everything about your case from the beginning in detail. The more we know, and the more facts we can collect, the better the chances of ending your days in court quickly. This means we need details like physical abuse of yourself or children, use of drugs and alcohol in your home, infidelity on either side, gambling problems etc. We literally need to know everything before we go to court. Failure to disclose wrongdoing on the part of our client, could result in a loss of your divorce or custody case and hand a win to your spouse. This could mean losing custody and paying hundreds or thousands per month in child support and alimony.

You can trust your divorce or custody lawyers at It is very important that you understand that we can’t effectively plan a strategy that’s built on lies. We won’t judge you, we just need to know everything. Full disclosure will place you firmly on the path to winning your divorce or custody case.

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